Hello, I’m Catherine

This is my story of going from a mud-pie connoisseur in the 90’s to the online presence specialist you see today.

How It Started (Offline).

I grew up on a small-holding in Kent and have always loved the countryside, animals and technology.

Most of the adults around me were entrepreneurial in one way or another. You could say, once I was bitten by the business bug, there was no going back.

I grew up with the internet, and the fast-paced evolution of mobile phones, computers and social media.

Now that my mud-pie days are behind me, I am very happy to say that I spend my time helping unusual UK businesses thrive online.

I Attract Unusual Businesses

I have been lucky enough to work in all kinds of weird and wonderful organisations since the age of 16.

I’ve farmed Koi carp, supported universities, run hotels for dogs and more.

My clients tend to run unusual businesses too – it’s one of the things that makes our working relationship gel so nicely.

I also attract a lot of neurodivergent types (because I’m one of those too). If you’re a fellow ADHD-er, or dyslexic – welcome!

Websites and tech aren’t for everyone, I really enjoy taking the tech load off people’s shoulders.

Outside Of Work

In my spare time, you’ll be sure to find me stomping around the countryside with my Border Collie – or training him some daft new trick (like emptying the washing machine – which he does quite well now).

Other than that I can be found knee-deep in the vegetable patch, enjoying a splash of local wine or hanging out with the girls at the local Knit and Natter Club.

Let’s Talk Online Presence

Telephone: 07305 894 584

Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday

I’m fully insured with

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